Apr. 17th, 2009

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Happy Birthday, Miss Rat!

And as the yearly offering of ye olde desktop, behold the fake windmill:

What with you visiting windmill country shortly, I though it was appropriate....:)
It's not a windmill but a windpump in Norfolk, once used to keep the sea out of the fields (they use electric pumps now).
Big size of the pic here.

Wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world.......:)
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Back story; seventeen Noble Houses on Dragaera (courtesy of Steven Brust), all taking the name from an animal.
The smallest is the House of the Phoenix (reduced to one - the Empress - as things stand in the books so far), because to qualify as belonging to the House a phoenix as to be seen flying overhead at the moment of birth.

Let's examine the evidence:
- I was born while the Morning Patrol was landing (and flying over the house - Dad was a pilot)
- I am a Rooster according to Chinese astrology - I was told by a Chinese colleague that the Rooster is really the Phoenix (can't remember the explanation though...)
- Stretching it a little, the mascot of the airport where my father was posted straight after I was born is the Phoenix, because the airport was annihilated during the war and was completely rebuilt. Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra. Bit like my life, really. :)

Yes, I know... I think I am going spare a little. Maybe a little more than usual. Am still easily amused though. :)

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