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Because we (I) tend to forget.
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For the lovely and talented [ profile] erestor (also known as [ profile] joyful_molly )!

Teddy *so* wanted to stay awake, but I am afraid he started the celebrations early..........:D

The happiest of happy birthdays, and lots of love and hugs from all of us.

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Happy Birthday, Miss Rat!! :)

Hope you are having a super fantastic day...:D

***hugs and much love***
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At our wedding.
You have been warned........... :)
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And the verdict is: ARGH.

No, seriously.

It is much worse than I expected. Ten times worse.
I'll be OK, have faced worse in the past, etc etc etc.

But still.

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...Xmas cards *will* be sent, Eventually. When I get a minute to organise myself.:)

We have actually bought cards this year, because the images I wnated to use are on the dead machine. And because there aren't enough hours in the day at the moment. Argh..
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It's an Acer Aspire 5542, bought by Beloved for me today as an early Xmas present because the existing machine is dying.
It's fast, shiny and all-powerful (aven't even looked at the home theater bit yet). Windows 7 took all of five minutes to install, and it feels a lot friendlier than Vista.

Haven't stopped dancing the tuna dance as yet.................:D
Goes without saying that Beloved is the absolute best there is. :)
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... the one and only [ profile], [ profile] joyful_molly ! :D

You have two greetings, my dear: the Boys wanted to wish you many happy returns, and elected Thomas to be the messenger:

(he's saying - happy birthday, Auntie 'TorMolly, from us Boys. Have some virtual tuna!)

And from me you have some flowers (something to cheer your screen up when it rains...) and a picture of the Mary Rose, which represents the beginning of the Royal Navy.

Hope you are having a splendid birthday. :)
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Just very, very tired.
Normal service will resume soon. I hope. :)

****hugs flist****
aliera: (Default) darling [ profile] minuial_nuwing!!
Wishing you the happiest of all happy birthdays, with plenty of love & happiness (and cake!). :)

As per ancient and established tradition, I can haz a new desktop for you:

Big size here.
Hope you like it. :)
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What is so important that drags us out of bed and out of the house by no later than 6.30 every morning?
Why, The Stomp of course. :)

We started nearly six weeks ago - due to the impending wedding (Beloved's daughter) and general lack of fitness for both of us.
Translated means: I had no intention of appearing at the wedding (ALL of his family there) looking like the Amazing Spherical Woman, and Beloved needs the exercise for health reasons (read: annual check up due in October), so we started walking...
What started as simple form of exercise quickly escalated into a competitive, I'll-race-you-up-the-hill thing. Seriosuly. :)
We are both very competitive... Both bloody minded when it comes down to it. There was a particular morning when we very nearly passed out because we attacked the (Steep! Truly!!) hill at the same fast walking pace we had been keeping for an hour.

We have calmed down now, and the goal is to keep the same pace thoughout, rather thatn overdoing. More or less.

But anyway...

Apart from the fact that I have lost close to a stone (the scales are not the enemy anymore), I have so much more energy it's untrue, and the various joints and assorted bits don't hurt a tenth of what they used to.
I have regained mobility in a way I thought was no longer possible, without any drugs or painkillers.
Beloved keeps surprising his ccolleagus because he can more than keep up with them when walking to the restaurant on site, and his blood sugar level has been what it should be more or less consistently (which will make his doctor quite happy).
We started with an average of 3000 steps, about half of them aerobic. We used to come home and collapse, and my left knee used to bite me viciously afterwards.
We are now doing 6000+, ALL of them aerobic (which means keeping a pretty fast pace throughout), and we are running out of places to walk to in the same 45-50 minutes.

We have had many conversation to the tune of "I have found another 300 hundred steps", and "What if we go down to the canal instead?".
But it's not just the improved fitness that makes me happy: the best part of it all is the Us Time we get in the morning.
No distractions, no news on the tv, no Thomas constantly demanding attention (I love him to tiny little bits, but he *can* be a little demanding). Just the two of us stomping out and chatting to each other (and snooping in people's gardens, commenting on the building efforts of neighbours and spotting birds. And loving the sunrise).

Something amazing has happened to me: I actually look forward to getting up early and leaving the house at the crack of dawn, and I lovingly get our kits ready the night before (because nobody wants to go looking for socks at that time in the morning...)

Need to do a post about The Wedding too. :)
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To the lovely [ profile] pondhopper.
Many happy returns and best wishes of health and happiness from Malcolm and myself. :)

Here's a little guy who wants to add his compliments - don't think he intends to share the peanut though. :D

Aaaaaand the desktop version is here.
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"Can't stop now! I am fighting the RED BARON!! And the ENTIRE German Air Force!!!"
"Er... Supper's ready when you are..."

We don't do normal. :)

That cat.

Sep. 3rd, 2009 07:40 am
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That would be Senior Cat, also known as Stupid Cat when he leads us on merry chases instead of getting back in as he wanted to do in the first place (we have played The Game for YEARS....).

Came back from my morning walk and I found Senior Cat exactly where I left him 45 minutes earlier - by the front door. Understand that this is the same cat that started trying to wake me up at 5 this morning because he wanted Out.
I eventually relented at 5.30, because by that time all three of them were more or less jumping on my head. Yep, early mornings in this household can be interesting.

So I got back in, opened the french doors for the other two (and scared Mrs Blackbird in the process, poor thing) and put Second Breakfast down for the tribe. I thought that food might entice him back inside, but oh no... He just stood there looking pleased with himself.
The reason for that was that he had 'captured' the biggest ever SLUG I have seen in my life, and had left it on the mat outside the front door for me to find. Of course, given that my field of vision is somewhat higher than 30cm I hadn't seen it, and I had unwittingly transformed it into Ready Cubed slug by stepping on it...

Now, this is the same cat that has brought me back mice, voles, birds and squirrels, so slugs are an improvement (either he's getting old or the local wildlife is a tad smarter than in Mitcham). You could even say that he's providing a service, since the blasted slugs are eating my flowers. And my strawberries. And my plants in general.

We then proceeded to demonstrate to the neighbours exactly how bonkers the Mad Woman across the road really is by playing The Game for a good fifteen minutes...
"C'mon Tom, breakfast!"
"I want in... Yes, I do... I want Second Breakfast... But let me show you this bush here first..."
"Tom c'mon, *I* would like breakfast too you know..."
"Actually, I'd rather stay Out... No wait, I have changed my mind... Mmmm, breakfast... No, you are NOT picking me up..."

And so on.

Yep, he's still out. Given that the heavens are about to open, I am sure he'll change his mind in the next half hour. :)
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Because Beloved is *definitely* the guy with all the cats:



Aug. 30th, 2009 10:31 pm
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It is extremely foolish to fold a clean black shirt on what is supposedly the guest bed, but in reality has been the cats' bed for some time. Especially if one of said cats is mostly white.
You'd think I would have learned after all the years of cat butlering under my belt. Heh.
It is also extremely foolish to think that one can sit at the computer without being interrupted for demands of cuddles, food and Out, especially if both cat butlers are busy doing whatever in front of screens and are neglecting the feline part of the household...:)
You'd think etc. No, I haven't.

Tom has been walking up and down the keyboard for the last ten minutes... I guess he's just puzzled because we are not in bed yet, so can't sleep on anybody's head.

In other news: we visited Guldford boat yard today, and I set foot on a narow boat for the first time. Awesome. Can't wait for us to go on holidays on one. :)
We also discovered that Guildford has a Molton Brown shop, so no need to wait for Beloved to stock up in London anymore. :0

The rest is as usual, no great changes or news. I know I am woefully behind with things and I do apologise... I might not have commented/replied, but have been reading. Still love you guys heaps.
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I dare you not to laugh:

Goodnight. :)

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