Apr. 7th, 2009

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Both kittens have been to the vet - with a fair amount of faffing about, because when it was time to go we couldn't find Thomas... it's not as if he knew we were due at the vet or anythng. Crafty little person.
I took him yesterday, with the help of my lovely neighbour. Caught him by surprise, because he was asleep on the sofa. He never knew what hit him. :)

They have been vaccinated and declared healthy - apart from Thomas' eye infection. The vet gave him an antibiotic injection, and we'll monitor the situation. Giving him eye drops is out of the question - I'd like to keep my eyes (and fingers, and skin...).

They are a little less shy than they were, but any physical contact with them is still very much limited. Teddy will let me stroke him if I don't move suddenly, and if I am sitting down.
I can stroke Thomas first thing in the morning when I feed him, or when he's half asleep on the floor in front of the kitchen. But hey, it's progress compared to last week.
And Thomas is retaliating for yesterday....... He pooed on the bed in the spare bedroom, and when I removed covers and sheets to wash them (futile attempt at washing the comforter, it will have to go to the dry cleaners), he peed on my clothes that were on the bed. I am not impressed.
I don't know if it's an extension of the marking thing (he *lived* under that bed for the first two weeks) or what... The fact that we have changed the type of litter might be one of the reasons.
The bed is now stripped bare, and I have sprinkled cayenne pepper on it... I hope it is deterrent enough.

Anyway - I has pictures... :)
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