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Firstly - it would seem that the spate of random Russians friending people are actually Russian bots; there are no ascertained links between the bots and hackers (as *yet*), but it would be probably wise to investigate these sudden bouts of friendships...
(I am safe... My journal is neither popular nor interesting, but there are some lovely people on my FList that keep journals falling in both categories).

This is by no means a slur on the gazillions of lovely bilingual Russian people on LJ, of course. :)

On the work front... Happy, but very very tired.
I don't seem to have reacquired the knack of balancing work and home life as yet, so I am kind of always behind on personal stuff at the moment. Sounds familiar, doesn't it...
So if I don't comment etc please don't take it personally - I still care as much as I always did, but I am just sleep deprived at the moment.

I do have a couple of funny offerings, though...........:)

"I bought this laptop a week ago, and all of a sudden the PSU won't charge the battery!!!!"
"Err... See this? Says 'Sony' and '5 Volts'?? That's your PSP charger..."
"Oh, right..."

"Look at my laptop!! It's only a month old!!! Look at the state of the screen!!!! I was working on it, and the screen just BLEW UP!!!!!"
"See here? That's where you dropped something on the screen (either side of it) or you bumped into something... Follow the cracks, you'll see the impact mark..."

There's more, but I don't have the strength... Running the Clinic is turning into an eye opener for Joe Bloggs' general stupidity (yes, I do know how elitist and wrong that sounds. All true though).
Also, I am not a blooming mind reader...... I cannot heal by the power of mind alone a random computer, unknown make and model and unknown problem. And location (somewhere on the planet, of course, but not in my vicinity). Adding that you don't understand computers doesn't help either. Sorry about that, I have missed a few telepathy classes.

Also also - one of my guys declared his state of gayness to me today, I think sort of testing the waters (probably because there was an implicit "You will not like me now" expectation on his part). I said - yes, and.............???
He's a very bright young kid, and I wish I could spend more time at the store I am based at right now to convince him that being gay (or bisexual or purple with small dots) will not make people instantly dislike you and move away...

That would be the other bit of news - looks like I will be moved somewhere else in a week. Not confirmed yet though.

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