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Day eight entry for [ profile] naarmamo:

(My attempts at doing something different today have failed, so we've gone back to editing...).


Jun. 20th, 2008 12:06 pm
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Considerations from last night:
1) they are defintely NOT dogs
2) one look from a wolf and you'll know you are facing a predator, and
3) can't wait to do it again.:)

Edit: what would have been a lovely portrait had I not 'cut' her ears..........

In case anybody wants it, desktop size is here.


May. 10th, 2008 04:08 pm
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I have been meaning to post these two for the last couple of days:


Big sizes here and here.
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...I have unintentionally grown tulips sporting the colours of AS Roma:

I bought the bulbs in December, so I had forgotten what was what. Quite chuffed of course, given that Roma is my home team. :)

Also, this is what Young Jack thinks of the weather:

Both of them have been flopping outside all over the place, and it would seem that 'too hot' is my fault too.
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In MY river! In MY park!! FISHING!!!

Come see...:) )
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Spent most of the day doing this:

Also this:

and variations thereof.

I have joined Alamy, and I am working on the test shots to submit.
Have discovered that: a) I need proper lights; b) one of the lenses *does* suffer from a touch of softness; c) I have dust (or muck, or both) on the sensor AGAIN.
I know that they are very fussy about quality (and rightly so), and I am now having second thoughts about the quality I can produce. We'll see.
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I always knew that the Cricket Green had been there a long time, but had no idea it had been there that long.

It's very close to where I live - I'll take you next time you are in London (and we might even watch a cricket match!).
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Had a most excellent day, met some fellow photographers from the AP site, and came back with a few keepers...

Black headed gulls:

More under the cut. )


Apr. 6th, 2008 11:30 am
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That's what greeted me when I opened the front door this morning - the cats weren't impressed... (If rain = bad planning on my part, snow = hanging offence).

And we are not talking a few snowflakes either, it was (and still is) proper snow with big fat flakes.

Young Jack was very perplexed, he's never seen the white stuff before. He tried chasing the snowflakes, discovered that they were *wet* and ran back inside...:)
The local kids have built a snowman in the middle of the green, and I have been to the park with the camera. We have the shot for this year's Xmas cards. *g*
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My tulips are growing..........:)

Although it's now the third (I think) year that I plant them, I still get such a kick out of the bulbs actually flowering (and I can see where the holes left by the blasted bulb-munching squirrels are).
I can't really remember what C and I planted - there should be some black ones too, I think. Can't wait for the lot to come out.:)
And - fed up with never finding the real thing in one piece (as it should be), and given that Mother still isn't back from abroad (so no food parcels)... I am making my own pancetta. Yep.
I have done the salting thing, and the pepper crust thing, and it took me two hours to get a contraption together so that the thing can hang to dry without touching anything (I decided not to post a picture given that I have vegetarian friends...).
Now we have to wait and hope that it will cure and not spoil. First ever time I have done this.

And - the postman has been delivering a deluge of election leaflets/letters. It's election time in two weeks back home, and I get to vote by post as a resident abroad.
Now, this has made me think and read and think some more.
While the 'it's all a pile of crap, the system's so corrupt it isn't funny, nepotism's rampant' argument hasn't changed in the last TWENTY years (I have been a voter for quite some time now), what's really scary is that a comedian (yes, a stand up guy) who has a big following in Italy is telling people NOT to vote because there is no 'lesser evil' among all the parties on offer.
...I remember having stand up rows with people about this when I was at Uni... If you don't vote, you abdicate your rights as a citizen, and have no blooming right to complain afterwards.
Unfortunately, the 'complain about things without any intention of making an effort' attitude is still alive and well in Italy. It's one of the things I definitely don't miss.
On the other hand - I have no idea who to vote for. I am so far removed from Italian politics that I might be living on Mars.
One of the leaflets delivered belonged to the party founded by HRH Emanuele Fiiberto di Savoia, the equivalent of Prince Charles.
I went and had a look online, because I was curious... The guy was only allowed on Italian soil three years ago (I believe they changed the law), and is effectively Swiss (nothing against the Swiss... I promise! Erestor can attest to that). Like he actually knows the country or something.
So I listened to his election speech - this country of ours... Our glorious past... We have to pull together... the bright future that awaits us *if* we pull together...
One platitude after another, without any real meaning or message. Bless his cotton socks.
I guess it would be a legal way for him to be part of Italian life short of bringing back the royal family (the King had no real power, same as in the UK. I guess that having a royal family wouldn't really hurt).

Anyway... The search for the worthy candidate goes on. :)
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I get milk delivered - one pint on Wed, two on Fri (tastes far better than the supermarket stuff, it's from a local dairy, I've never run out of milk in months etc etc), and the quantity is exactly right for my needs (mostly coffee related...).

But - I came back from Miami to find that the milk bottles had staged a coup and had invaded the fridge... My catsitting friend had been discovered allergic to dairy quite recently, and she forgot to tell me. She didn't think of canceling the milk either (bless).
So I have been having *very* milky coffees for a while, and I am happy to report that we are now finally down to three bottles in the fridge.
(Nope, the canceling bit didn't occur to me until - well... three seconds ago?? *is embarrassed*.

Why is it worthy of mention (apart from being perfectly in line with a lifetime of non sequiturs, I mean) ?

Grandmother's 'Yesterday's Bread', that's why.

In my grandmother's house, fresh bread was bought (or was delivered or something) every day. We weren't allowed to have the fresh bread though - we had to eat Yesterday's Bread first.
I don't know if it was because she had to buy a set quantity (doubt it) or because she overestimated our bread eating capabilities (possible), the fact is that I don't remember being given the fresh bread ever. Ever ever ever.
Nothing wrong with bread that's a day old, mind you... But I still remember the smell of the 'just-out-of-the-oven' bread I never got to taste with regret to this day.

Me and the milk issue - pretty much the same.
(Consoling to think that it isn't incipient senility, but grandmother's genes at work).

On other news: round#2 of the work palava is next Thursday. I don't expect it to make a blind bit of difference, but have to go through the motions from the legal point of view.
THEN I am allowed to take them to the cleaners.

Have polished the CV and made contact with a recruiter. I think I'll spend the weekend investigating possible jobs, since I don't think I can possibly pay the mortgage with mice (or voles. Or squirrels).

Talking of the Guilty Party:

The blue blanket is a NEW blanket that I foolishly left on my bed while making space in the wardrobe.

All I have to say is - I hope the cat fluff will be easy to remove...........

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