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[ profile] lonewolf2 suggested that I keep a record of 'pearls' I encounter in my working life, so here's part 2...:)

"Pc won't connect - I have had the Virgin engineer check *everything* at my end, he said there's something wrong with the computer... I am fed up with this, it's your fault, blah blah blah..."
It does help if you type the web address correctly. Yes, really. There is only one http in any given address. Really really. Good thing Virgin engineers can double as IT techs, huh.

"My son's laptop has stopped working - we can't get rid of this Antispyware XP 2008 thing, *surely* you can exchange it for another one!"
Er... No. We can clean it for you, and lecture you on safe surfing. Somebody has to explain to your son (and you) that not all sites are friendly... And WHAT are you doing online without antivirus and firewall?? Yes, even only visiting Facebook/MySpace can cause a serious case of the OhMyGodMyComputerIzDed.

"I want to exchange my daughter's computer for another one... She wants a *completely* black one, no colours of any sort, not even a hint of silver."
I actually found a totally black laptop and did the exchange with no fuss. She's fourteen and a Goth. So I am soft. So sue me. :)

"I can't connect to the internet, the wireless thingy is broken, I want another laptop!"
It would help if the wireless thingy was enabled. No, don't look at me, *you* disabled it...

Bless their collective cotton socks...:) I am quickly discovering that I know more than I thought I did, just because I have had a computer for so long (and most of the common or garden variety of questions still revolve around XP - I need to learn about Vista kind of soon), and I am very grateful for having a bunch of knowledgeable guys behind the scenes.

Still enjoying it... I am totally knackered, but I am still enjoying it. :)

What else - I am SO behind with everything I feel like a skulking sort of person... I haven't had the time to read anything, let alone comment for the past few weeks. I intend to do some serious catch up tomorrow. ****hugs flist***

Also - I found half a squirrel on my doorstep yesterday (Yep, that was Tom again), and had to explain to the guy in the shop downstairs that I am buying Vaseline in industrial quantities for the squirrels (as a deterrent on the branches, so that they will not raid the bird feeders), and NOT because I have a rampant sex life. :)

Users. :)

Sep. 5th, 2008 06:28 pm
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One of the perks of the new job is that I get to hang out with the technics - closet geek that I am, it nurtures my endless fascination with all things mechanical, and I get to solve puzzles. :)

But - the highlight of my training so far has been helping with customer services, and I have already collected some priceless gems...

"My laptop is dead."
I think you'll find that batteries need recharging every now and then.

"My laptop is dead, only bought it a week ago, I want another one."
Downloading dodgy programs from dodgy sites so you can watch pirated films is NOT conducive to your machine's health. We'll fix it, you pay us and off you go.

"My laptop is dead, don't know what happened..."
You downloaded porn, that's what happened... And have you ever heard of something called antivirus programs??

"The screen on my laptop is dead, I have tried EVERYTHING, nothing worked."
Let me introduce you to something called a hard reboot... Fair enough, until two weeks ago I didn't know you need to take the battery out either. What can I say, I love feeling clever...:)

And so on...

The big hit in the "I can't make this work, it MUST be broken" is the wireless router. I have no idea how hard/easy is to configure one (I have a wired one - my beloved Fish - that has been quietly doing its thing for years), but I do get the feeling that people have a tendency to bite more than they can chew. I have seen it countless times in the photography world - Joe Bloggs (because, sorry sorry sorry guys but it is always blokes...) decides that the only way to improve his photography and get him on the way to be rich and famous is to buy the most expensive camera outfit he can afford. Only to find out that even the 2.8, aspherical, DX and golden plated lens won't produce masterpieces after all. And the camera body has FAR too many menus and sub menus, and where are the little pictures on the dial to tell you which mode to use??

I guess it's human nature... I also believe that we (as in retailer and advertisers) make people believe that a)it's EASY, dontcherknow, b)the more money you spend the better your experience will be, and c)if you don't have the latest kit the other kids will make fun of you.

I spend my time talking to people and finding out what it is they really need. I remember fondly the time when I managed to delete core files two machines ago (it was Windows 98, THANK GOD, a friend introduced me to system restore), and when HTML sounded like a rude acronym.
I have been there... I wish I had had a cool tech person to talk to (I didn't know you at the time, Ash...), so now I try my best to help.
I even explained to somebody that email it's not something that 'comes with the machine'... I set up an account on googlemail for him and showed him how to log on and retrieve his mail. :)

Apart from that - I don't think my tomatoes will ever, ever EVER ripen... I have plenty, they are all green and it just won't stop raining.

Oh, and last night there was a tawny owl in my garden. I guess he's after the mice the Boys have been stalking all summer.:)

And also also - I *still* haven't succumbed to the iMac call (we have a lovely Apple shop-in-shop thing). Don't know how long I'll be able to resist, Apple computers have BAGS of style............!

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