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And, more to the point, it works with the new pc.

I did something brave and overdue yesterday: I went through *all* the prints in the big basket that was under the former computer desk.
Out of about a thousand (maybe more, I wasn't really counting), I kept about 100. All of family/friends, and cats. :)
Apart from the sheer horror at my utter crappiness in the photo taking department (I can safely say that now, years later, I merely suck. People don't risk instant blindness looking at my stuff anymore), the bittersweet part of it was finding a quite a few photos of Dad I forgot I had.
So I plugged the scanner in (full expecting it to catch fire or something) and scanned the first pic of many with Dad + family, then emailed the result to the siblings.
I had this brainwave, you see - a picture project of sorts, where I scan and send a pic out every day or so. I am the only one with most of the originals, and I thought it would be nice to share with the family. Especially since members of said family live in three different countries, and the occasions where we are all in the same country at the same time are rare.

Anyway - they liked it. Go me.

On other news - made bread with spelt flour because I had been given it, and was all out of the regular kind.
I don't know what I was expecting... Something inedible, maybe, because I am highly suspicious of wholemeal stuff. I was wrong. The bread turned out fine, and it doesn't taste foul. :)

Back to chores...

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