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It was amazing - the museum is HUGE, and we only saw a bit of it.
We (Beloved, Master Erestor, Eve, Miss C. and I) wandered in and out of rooms for most of the day (I kind of got lost. Yes. I know.), and had a most splendid time.

I am told that the illustrious visitors stared at the uniforms for quite some time (well, consider research......), Beloved lost himself in the models' room, and I ended up orbiting around the propeller at the entrance (and then tried to locate any of them and got lost. So I went out and shot some in the failing light).

I found the Nelson room actually moving - it's one thing to know about stuff intellectually, quite another to look at the actual uniform Nelson was wearing when he was wounded. As Erestor said, it made him 3-D all of a sudden.

But anyway.

We need to go back and see the rest... And I would like to have another go at photographing things, because I wasn't exactly in fine form (happens to the best of us, you know...)

All I have to show for the day is this:

Nice propeller portrait, but I have definitely had better days...:)
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I can has presents.......:)

I have this one:

aaaaaaaaaand this one:

Neither of them are even remotely how I wished them to be, but at least they will serve as a souvenir.:)

And I would like to point out to all and sundry that Master Erestor is indeed a most delightful person, and that the famous sense of humour is very much present and accounted for. :)
I am very chuffed indeed to have had the opportunity to verify that. *g*

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