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...or the Ballistic Kitten...

Angel Face here

just chased one of these

INSIDE the house..............................!

I heard some mad scrabbling, which normally means the Boys are chasing each other - then I saw this grey bullet run into my bedroom and jump out of the window with Jack in hot pursuit.
I know he has been trying to catch himself a squirrel for some weeks now, but this is ridiculous.:)
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...I have unintentionally grown tulips sporting the colours of AS Roma:

I bought the bulbs in December, so I had forgotten what was what. Quite chuffed of course, given that Roma is my home team. :)

Also, this is what Young Jack thinks of the weather:

Both of them have been flopping outside all over the place, and it would seem that 'too hot' is my fault too.
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Or: The Books Have Been Delivered:

Doesn't look much for 160 quid, does it... Fair enough, there was a folder with the books.

Haven't even opened them yet... Have been out most of the day.
We start the experiment tomorrow. The exam is in December, but there's no harm in starting to get to grips with the subject matter now.

Also (and you can blame it on Erestor... She started it!!):

Master Jack inspecting the shopping... Said shopping was still inside the bags (and yes, there *was* tuna!)


Master Jack caught red handed - not only I have to battle it out with the squirrels and the slugs, the little darling pulls at the plants/flowers too. Hmrph. :)
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Somebody from the council just cut the grass on the green outside the house.


Also, Somebody We Know has nicked my chair (again!), so if I want to carry on using the computer I have to find me another one:

As usual, Jack wins. :)

Snow #2.

Apr. 6th, 2008 03:05 pm
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Jack has finally given up looking for the Door To Summer (at least for today), and has decided that a comfy spot on the sofa facing the fire is far better than all that wet stuff outside...:)
(Tom has been asleep under the table for the last two hours. He's encountered the White Stuff before and already knows he doesn't like it one bit).

I have just spoken to my friend in Miami - where the sun is blazing and it's a beautiful day. She thought I was kidding when I said it was snowing at my end.

I am editing like a fiend, and I might end up doing multiple posts. You have been warned. :)
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Or Why One Sofa Just Isn't Enough:

I rest my case.

(Also, same principle applies to beds - mine especially).
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More cheering up cat silliness:

(Any box/bag/big envelope coming into the house MUST contain a cat within 0.03457 seconds...)

(That's my favourite top, that is... Now totally covered in white fluff. Hm).

(yes, he's *actually* biting the clothes' airer... He's not the Manic Kitten for nothing, you know!)

Have a good day............:)

Cat logic.

Jan. 21st, 2008 07:10 pm
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It all started simply enough - the idea was to record for posterity (so to speak) the last of the Christmas flowers (I wanted to show Mum how long they lasted).
Nothing major, you understand... A little project in between cleaning the house.
So I put one of my scarves on the picture in the living room (the very same scarf that was used to cover the base of my Xmas 'tree', a beautiful deep red velvet thing which I haven't - as yet - used as a scarf) to use as a background for the flowers, and reach for the little camera to take a test shot (now I wish I had already set the tripod, but never mind...).

Both boys were IN, due to the rain...

The minute I sit down with the camera, Tom jumps on the table and nearly ends up on the floor again, because I have moved the bowl with the apples that guaranteed the tablecloth's non-slip factor... Gives me a dirty look and spreads himself on the table...

Jack the Manic Kitten jumps on the table too, because he has to find out what's going on and if he can possibly annoy Tom by jumping on his head:

The flowers are declared boring - but the water is gratefully received..........

(I change the water daily, AND wash the bowl... He just has a fascination with water, and will drink from whatever).

Tom is not impressed by the kitten's behaviour, and Jack replies with the ultimate 'WHAT?!?' stare...

Me? I can only apologise for the crappy quality of the pictures... I was laughing so hard it's a miracle they are half in focus...
It's Tom & Jerry around here, I tell you - every single day.....:)
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Because it the night at work hadn't obviously been enough on the I-want-to-go-home-NOW scale.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Got home a little while ago, after a long, tiring and annoying shift (and have taken work home with me - bad duck, I should know better).
Tom was eagerly waiting on the doormat, shot in as I opened the door (visions of tuna and such obviously very much in his mind), while Jack totally ignored me (which is strange behaviour for him).
He was in the guest bedroom, playing hide and seek under the duvet cover currently on the radiator for drying purposes.
I thought he had found a spider or a fake ladybird (the proper name escapes me) and was hellbent on catching it.

I fed Tom, put down a second bowl and went to retrieve Young Jack from under the duvet cover - he shot out of it with a MOUSE in his mouth!!!!!!
The following five minutes were something out of a Tom & Jerry cartoon... Me chasing Jack-with-mouse all over the place (well, it was more like a round living room/bedroom#1/bathroom/kitchen/bedroom #2 circuit), cat logically winning due to his capacity to squeeze under furniture......while holding said mouse and growling at me at the same time.
Managed to chase him out of the house (feeling sorry for the mouse, but I'd rather not find a mousey surprise at some point in the future), and the minute I opened the front door he let go of the mouse to growl at me some more (I guess that was catspeak for 'This is MY mouse, catch your own'), and the mouse legged it...............................:))

Young Jack spent the following hour looking for the lost mouse and wailing because he couldn't find it (I watched, secretly cheering for the poor little mouse), then gave up and came back to ordinary cat food and cuddles.

I blame Tom.
He started bringing back prey for Jack some time ago, and the kitten was just bemused at the time. I guess he's worked out that mice are for chasing, although I still think he doesn't associate them with food. Not yet, anyway...
(Tom is a different story - he's a very proficient hunter, as the local wildlife can testify).

The big question (of course) is - WHERE did the mouse come from????
Jack had been indoors all day - was it a mouse brought in by either of them, or is there a nest somewhere in the house????
If it's a nest situation - good luck to the mice, because they will not last long with the two terrors living here.
If it was a previously kind of prey thing - when and how???

(I am not scared of mice, rats, spiders, snakes, tigers, whatever - don't like wasps though. If we *are* having a mice infestation I do need to find out).

I had other funny and entertaining bits to tell, but the Great Mouse Adventure took first place...

Bed now.
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Which has some merit, I guess... But I am seriously considering installing a second front door so I can have a catflap.
The boys have gotten used to having a human-on-demand (Mother, who just went back to Rome) opening doors for them 357894579 times per day, and can't quite figure out why things have gone back to the "If you don't come back in NOW, you'll be OUT for at least ten hours" situation. They are not impressed, and the current arrangement has very likely gone onto the list of my failings as a cat butler.

But anyway. :)

I have had occasion to dance the Tuna Dance (Young Jack dances that every time he sees me reaching for a tin of tuna. I should video it for posterity, really) several times over these past few days.
(Which isn't really a dignified or befitting behaviour, but what the hell. I had reason to!).

Tuna Dance item #1 was this:

Presents from the guys at work - I did indeed dance the Tuna Dance excessively, and was overjoyed upon discovering that there are 2 more Jack mugs to be had (different colours, see. I need to get me to a Disney store NOW).

Tuna Dance item #2 was this:

The lovely, delightful and delicious Ash & Eva got that for me in America...... I *seriously* danced (and showed off the set to everybody at work - they are *so* jealous, especially that lot in Projection. We are all hardcore Jack fans), and kind of embarrassed myself in the process, because I was at work..... *grin*

Young Jack jumped on the table as I was taking the picture - he approves..........:)

Tuna Dance item #3 was this:

Master [personal profile] erestor 's book!
Was delivered yesterday, finished it tonight on the way back from work.
Adventure! Ghosts!! Cursed ships and dashing lieutenants!!!
Enjoyed the book immensely - a page turner story (because you DO wonder how our hero is going to put the 'curse' to rest), excellent dialogue and fabulous illustrations. My only whinge is that it is TOO SHORT... I want MORE!! 
Go read and call me a silly duck if you don't agree.......:)

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