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Wishing you the happiest of all happy birthdays, with plenty of love & happiness (and cake!). :)

As per ancient and established tradition, I can haz a new desktop for you:

Big size here.
Hope you like it. :)
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And trying very hard to catch up with everybody... Which might be a tad difficult.

Because I haven't offered any in a while:

And the desktop version here

***hugs flist***
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Not quite Greece, but plenty of sun all the same:

Desktop size here.

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Just because. :)

Desktop size here.
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Because I have been sadly lacking in the desktops department of late...
Sunset at La Rocque, Jersey:

Big version here.


Jun. 20th, 2008 12:06 pm
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Considerations from last night:
1) they are defintely NOT dogs
2) one look from a wolf and you'll know you are facing a predator, and
3) can't wait to do it again.:)

Edit: what would have been a lovely portrait had I not 'cut' her ears..........

In case anybody wants it, desktop size is here.


May. 10th, 2008 04:08 pm
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I have been meaning to post these two for the last couple of days:


Big sizes here and here.
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I bring presents........:)

Desktop size here.

Hope you like it - taken on Brownsea Island, it look s a little Elvish to me...:)
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For anyone who wants it:

Vizcaya, a magical place...:)

Big size here.

Favourite so far, still have heaps to go through.
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...because I can already smell Spring in the air, and my tulips (and snowdrops) are sprouting and because I want it to be warmer *already*:

Go here for the desktop size.

In case you are wondering - yep, that's the very same that's on my desktop at the moment...:)
Feel free to take/share whatever, no credit necessary.

Had a good day... Got a new mobile (although NOT a Motorola for the first time ever in ten years - it's going to be fun to learn stuff about the controls and such. Not.), have my first physio appointment for my knee tomorrow (and the new painkillers are WORKING! My boss commented on the fact that I am not limping anymore), and I get to see Cirque du Soleil tomorrow night!!

(I strongly suspect that cameras won't be allowed... Need to find out about that).
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[ profile] sirielle!!

I have a desktop for you.........:)

Bigger size here.

The story........
I took the shot this past summer, and I am not happy with the blown sky etc, but... They went and CUT the tree down recently........!!
So just as well there is a record of what I have been calling 'Sirielle's tree' for a couple of years, really.
Hope you had a smashing birthday, and sorry I am so late..........:)

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