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Feb. 9th, 2009 03:41 pm
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This week, I will be mostly doing this:

I will have a beautiful kitchen when it's finished. Shame I am not going to be the one cooking in it...

Beloved has gone out to hunt me a cabinet and a new oven.:)

On other news - I might not have a job in a month's time.
The company is 'cutting costs', so we all have to reapply for our jobs. Given that my role will no longer exist, and that I have all of six months worth of seniority (and that we are only allowed two AMs at site, not three) I wouldn't be surprised to find that I am the one to go.

Twice in a year sucks.
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Pulled everything out from the tiny closet in the entrance yesterday, discovered that:
- I have enough paint brushes to decorate three flats
- I had saved the unusable rags from the last bout of decorating
- I could use the shelf taken from the entrance thingy in error to have a shelf (finally!) in the closet
- Because of the missing shelf, I now have ALL my recipe books in one place, and they are easily reachable (win).
- All the gardening bits and my tool box fit on said new shelf (YAY!)
- I own a hand saw.
Now, the saw bit is puzzling because I have *no* recollection of buying it.
What did I want a saw for? I am no good with woodwork.
Unless trees figured in that thought process somehow... Still cannot see myself needing it/using it. It's a mystery.

Also, I have TWO mega big extension lead thingies... I don't remember buying the second one. Can you spot the trend here?!?

But - I have a new desk, and the shelves are kind of tidy. Admire:

Very pleased with it, and with the yellow mini chest - I painted that yesterday (and a small table, and the mail tray, and the house number).
Mother's room is ready, off to blitz the kitchen.

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