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Because Beloved is *definitely* the guy with all the cats:



Aug. 30th, 2009 10:31 pm
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It is extremely foolish to fold a clean black shirt on what is supposedly the guest bed, but in reality has been the cats' bed for some time. Especially if one of said cats is mostly white.
You'd think I would have learned after all the years of cat butlering under my belt. Heh.
It is also extremely foolish to think that one can sit at the computer without being interrupted for demands of cuddles, food and Out, especially if both cat butlers are busy doing whatever in front of screens and are neglecting the feline part of the household...:)
You'd think etc. No, I haven't.

Tom has been walking up and down the keyboard for the last ten minutes... I guess he's just puzzled because we are not in bed yet, so can't sleep on anybody's head.

In other news: we visited Guldford boat yard today, and I set foot on a narow boat for the first time. Awesome. Can't wait for us to go on holidays on one. :)
We also discovered that Guildford has a Molton Brown shop, so no need to wait for Beloved to stock up in London anymore. :0

The rest is as usual, no great changes or news. I know I am woefully behind with things and I do apologise... I might not have commented/replied, but have been reading. Still love you guys heaps.
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...suddenly, everything is clear...:)
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...because, well, it *has* been a stupidly long day, but I have to post this:

you sure on that - I thought wildcats were native (at least in some form)?

Not really, that's why I'm asking. Rabbits are 'native' but they were introduced by the romans. If the Scottish wildcat's decendents inhabited the UK when it was still attached to the continent then we can say that they're native. If not they must either be bloomin' good swimmers or have been brought over the Channel/acorss the North Sea by man.

...The mental image of the swimming cats made me howl with laughter, then I read this:

If not, how did they get here?

Paris, Gare du Nord 07:20 to St Pancras

...The keyboard was a casualty....

And to sum it up:

The debate was about Scottish Wildcats interbreeding with domestic cats, and how - in the eyes of the poster - we should *ban* domestic cats... Debate happening on a photography forum. I rest my case. :)


Aug. 6th, 2008 11:48 am
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Day six entry for [ profile] naarmamo:

Young Jack demonstrating what he thinks of the weather if it gets above 20c...:)

I had been faffing about with a beautiful shell I have, and thought that the grass would make a lovely background.
Of course the cats came to investigate...

My chosen pic would have been this one of Tom:

only the exposure is all wrong, but it still makes a lovely portrait of him (plenty of attitude in that cat).

Lastly, my fav shot of Marbles - for [ profile] vilakins:

To be honest the exposure is wrong in Jack's pic too, but I am not even attemptng to reshoot...

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