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Slept badly, because *everything* hurts. It feels like I have been doing some vigorous exercise.
Jack slept on my head all night (he didn't fancy finding a sleeping place in the living room like he normally does, too many obstacles).
Tom came in briefly last night, looked around (the expression on his little face was priceless) and promptly went out again.
I read somewhere that all cats have Asperger... Tom really doesn't deal well with change, he hates when I move furniture or I am in the middle of some industrial strength cleaning.
I have discovered that I have far many more books than I thought, and the rearranging has produced a few surprises in the shape of books I forgot I had (and had been looking for...), and about a gazillion of chargers and USB cables.
So, Pterry gets a shelf all to himself (I found two copies of Thud!... Must have bought the other one because I forgot I already had it), Steven Brust gets three quarters of a shelf (sharing with photography and Roman History), and Tolkien gets to perch on top of two rows of books, in plain sight (so I won't have to struggle).
I really wish I had more shelf space, though - I have discovered that I have a quite extensive Asimov and Heinlein collection, only the books had been buried behind other books for years.
...I *should* really label cables, because I have no idea what most of them belong to.
So I'll have a bits n' bobs drawer somewhere in the house.
Also, I have decided to buy a new computer table/shelf thing, because none of the available furniture in the house is suitable (and I am certainly NOT resurrecting the hated old one). In the meantime I'll carry on typing while sitting on the bed.:)

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