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Lovely weekend in Jersey - that would be Channel Islands, and *not* new Jersey. As it happens, New Jersey was named for the Island. True story (like my niece Bella would say...).

But I digress...

We had a really lovely time - Beloved was promptly adopted by the children (and it was pretty obvious he had done the children thing before... He must have been an awesome father).
The weather was actually kind of good, which was fantastic. It was Beloved's first time on the island, and I wanted to show him my favourite bits in the dry (as it were).
Given that I have been visiting for the last seven years, I consider myself a part time island girl, and I am a little proud of that... :)

So we did the family thing, and the third-degree-interrogation thing (courtesy of my sister - oh the poor man!), and we even went to church to be introduced to the vicar that might well marry us later in the year.
Beloved said that the vicar was so laid back he was expecting to see him wearing roller skates.......:D

(An aside thought - Beloved has a *good* singing voice... I was far too embarrassed to sing during the service, he went at it with gusto. Bless).

But the really big moment of the weekend (for me) was receiving this:

Corny as it might sound, I actually shed a tear or two.........*iz embarrassed*
Yes, I have received flowers before, even the odd single rose - never, and I mean never the entire shebang.
The man doesn't need to prove he loves me by buying me flowers - I know he does. Which makes the whole flower-buying exercise all the more meaningful.

As a pause from the soppiness, a funny little story... :)
Beloved had to call my sister and brother in law to get the address and arrange for the delivery (that shows how utterly naive I am... I never suspected a thing), and in the process he gave my brother in law an advance warning on the lines of - mate, I am sending flowers to my girl, I suggest you do the same or your life won't be worth living................:D

Needless to say, my sister was very pleasantly surprised, and her husband gained 7000 brownie points without even trying. :)

And let's just say that my darling husband-to-be gained about a gazillion points last night. He proved how much of a true gentleman he really is, and that I *really* am a very lucky woman. :)

Oh, and I have more pics of the nearly finished kitchen, to be posted in a little while...

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