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Or: The Books Have Been Delivered:

Doesn't look much for 160 quid, does it... Fair enough, there was a folder with the books.

Haven't even opened them yet... Have been out most of the day.
We start the experiment tomorrow. The exam is in December, but there's no harm in starting to get to grips with the subject matter now.

Also (and you can blame it on Erestor... She started it!!):

Master Jack inspecting the shopping... Said shopping was still inside the bags (and yes, there *was* tuna!)


Master Jack caught red handed - not only I have to battle it out with the squirrels and the slugs, the little darling pulls at the plants/flowers too. Hmrph. :)
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Have ordered the AAT Foundation Course (150 quid for *two* modules...), with the view of finding out if my (supposed) cleverness can be used in real life.
The exams are in December - have just missed the deadline for the May one, which is just as well. Now all I have to do is remember to register with the AAT (which isn't cheap... Anything to with accounting is expensive) by September the 1st.

...Once upon a time I wanted to specialise in Linguistics and be a researcher. That was back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
The reality is that research doesn't pay, at least not in the field I liked. So that was that.
Accounting really has nothing to do whatsoever with my education (or inclination), but there are countless jobs in finance out there. And my friend A. reckons I would do quite well (I hope it is not just because he's biased... He has his own practice, so maybe he's right).

Pollen wins A-OK still. I hate waking up and not being able to open my eyes (it's always much, MUCH worse the day after the grass has been cut), and it's only April. I can feel the search-for- the-next-working-tablet approaching fast...

The postlady brought Torchwood goodness this morning. I have rented the first series (which I only saw in bits, I think Mother was staying and there was no iPlayer at the time), so looking forward to that.

The Boys are both IN, because it has started raining... I looked up from the kitchen widnow and saw this enormous black cloud over the park. Said to myself - reentry in 5...4...3..2... Blimey, they are BOTH on the bed already! :)

Off to look at some more job ads. Lucky me.

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