Apr. 29th, 2009

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(The Psycho Kitten - also known as The Hooligan - is Thomas... Teddy is a sweet little cat who prefers cuddles and a good snooze on our bed).

Some of you guys might remember Bungee Mouse - Jack's (and countless other cats before him) favourite toy. I do not know what it is that makes Bungee Mouse special... There is no catnip inside, it's a very basic mouse-shaped toy with a springy cord attached.


We Have Discovered Bungee Mouse... We now wake up our humans at 4am so that they can play with us (and the mouse, of course...).

Seriously - Thomas fetches Bungee Mouse back, so that we can carry on providing entertainment. Truly. :)
You might think that you are safe for the time being, what with you sitting at the computer and ignoring the little hooligan... Wrong.
It start with gentle pats on whichever part of you is available (feet normally, but if he's not getting attention he will jump on the bed and grab you shirt - or bits of skin, depending on what's easier to reach...), escalating to pats-with-claws-drawn if you ignore him. Beloved discovered this morning that it *is* advisable to wear slippers at all times. Thomas was trying to bite his big toe, and Beloved was *not* impressed. :)
So we end up being very much his captive audience until he's tired of playing...
Teddy tries to steal the mouse, but generally loses out to Thomas.
I ordered five new mice last night... In the foolish hope that they can both have one. I bet you that it will end up with Thomas having BOTH.

We are finally settling down to some sort of routine (vital for cats...), and although things have *vastly* improved, Thomas still doesn't like to be touched much. He will only allow me to stroke him first thing in the morning (they are so utterly cute... They both waltz in to say good morning while we are having coffee - still in bed and not really awake), BUT he will sleep on the bed with us. Mad kitten. :)

They have both had the second round of vaccinations, and it wasn't nearly as stressful as the first time. The vet actually said that Thomas had been as good as gold (the nurse took him to the vet because he's still sneezing and his eyes are not quite healed. The vet said that it's something he will have for the rest of his life, unfortunately...), and I very much wanted to say - are we talking about the same cat here???

And finally - Kitten picspam! :) )

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