Mar. 17th, 2009

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Because I have been sadly lacking in the desktops department of late...
Sunset at La Rocque, Jersey:

Big version here.
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I have two new kittens (YAY!!), the only snag is that they have been living under the bed for the last ten days or so...

Back story - somebody at my (former) work has TWENTY cats (yep, I did wonder too...), and offered kittens after he found out about Jack.
Of course I said yes, thank you so much etc. Didn't even stop to consider that, with the amount of cats in the household, maybe the cats weren't given all that much attention...

Aaaaargh - wrote and deleted about ten times, because it was sounding judgmental and not very nice... Don't know how to say it though.

Right - they make money from breeding the queens and selling the kittens, and I doubt very much the kittens are well looked after. I mean mine were allowed out without vaccinations...

Anyway... I was told 'they are a bit feisty because they are not that young anymore (possibly they couldn't sell them...), and being the innocent soul that I am (am too!), didn't think anything of it.

The kittens are feral.

Looks like they weren't socialized early enough, and they don't know how to interact with people.
So we have had the little people hiding away and coming out to eat and play at night only...
I am fully aware that it might be a Beauty (my feral darling girl that didn't even let me touch her for two months, and was never really tame)situation time two, and I (we) are fully prepared to wait as long as it takes, but I have been thinking about contacting the RSPCA, because it just isn't right...

Anyway - Ghost Kitty #1, known as Thomas to his friends:

Tom investigating the new arrival:

They didn't fight or anything, and YES - that's part of the floor that *is* going to be replaced...:)
Teddy, the other kitty, is just an occasional shadow so far... Looks like Thomas is the bolder of the two.

Now, if any of you guys has any experience with feral cats and/or suggestions, please talk to me..........
And in case you are wondering - NO, I don't regret adopting them for one second... I hope I will be able to offer them a far better life they would have had. I am just mad at the people, and not 100% sure about how to go about things.

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